Clean Up The Mess!

The Cleveland Indians get revenge on the Cincinnati Reds. Cleveland sweeps the Reds. The Reds swept the Indians last year and now they have came back for revenge. The last game in the three game series, the Indians beat the Reds 12-4. The same thing happens to our baseball team. If we don’t get focused on the game we can’t win. The last game we were focused and won.


Go Chapman Go.

The Cincinnati Reds won against the Milwaukee Brewers. Aroldis Chapman was moin’ them down. He has broke the world record for the fastest pitch, 106. He has a nasty braking ball that makes them go down swinging every time. I wonder what the other team thinks when he starts to pitch. It might hurt a little when he hits you. It would be cool to go up against him, but it won’t be as exciting when you’re standing at the plate.

Image from http://thexsection.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/chapman.jpg


NBA Playoffs

First of all my personal belief is that the Las Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant will win the world championship for the third time in a row. I think the only other team that could beat them right now is the Chicago Bulls and Derek Rose.

This reason I think this is that Kobe always seems to find a way to win a best of seven series. I think that Kobe just has to big of a will and desire to win and he is so good. I think he is the second most intense player when it comes to the playoffs behind Kevin Garnett aka KG.

I think the Lakers team around Kobe is also good but honestly the Boston Celtics are the best team period. I think when you mix 4 players like Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnet, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen that they should be unstoppable.  I think this because all four of them fit together and play together so well even though they might not be the best team they play the best as a team.

Although I still think what I said about the Celtics is  true I don’t think they will beat the Bulls in the eastern conference mainly because of Derek Rose. I think that they Bulls play great as a team but not as great as the Celtics. With that being said  I still think that Derek Rose is like Kobe where he can put the team on his back and somehow find a way to win. I think he is up towards the top five players in the league and also has a great will and desire to win. Also even if the Celtics do manage to beat the Bulls, they will more than likely have to play the Lakers and beat two great teams in a row  in a best of seven series.

I still think the Lakers are going to win it all and I told you why. But now I want to tell who I think will make the top 6 teams. OK obviously I think lakers get first and bulls get second. I think that the in the eastern conference the Celtics will get beat and take third or fourth. In the western Conference the Lakers will beat the Grizzlies in  the semi-finals and that the Grizzlies will take third or fourth. I think in the west that the Dallas Mavericks will take fifth or sixth and in the east the Atlanta Hawks will take fifth or sixth.

OK now thanks for reading my take on the NBA playoffs.


Come On Phillips!

Yesterday was the last day game of a series of the Reds vs. Cardinals. All the Cardinals fans hate Brandon Phillips, because last year  he called them a cry babies and a bunch of names. When he was up to bat he kept tapping the catchers shin guards, they got in a fight. Then both teams were in each others face. This year all they do is boo at him!!!!

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Big Ten Champs!!!!!!!

Ohio State beat Penn State yesterday for the Big Ten Title.  The Bucks beat the Nittany Lions 61-70 yesterday.  The Lions played a great game but Ohio State was in basketball mode yesterday and Penn State was just off yesterday.

Dallas Lauderdale had the best block yesterday I think though.  Jared Sullinger also had a lot of blocks under on Brooks of Penn State.  I think that Frazier was the only threat in the game yesterday against Penn State.In this photo it is Kraft going up for the layup against Brooks of Penn State.

Image From http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2011/03/13/2139365/top-seed-ohio-state-favored-to.html


Powering Back Up

The Cincinnati Reds are in Spring training! The season for baseball is powering back up for 2011!!!!







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LE Boys Basketball

Logan Elm boys varsity basketball team has been very successful this year. There coach is Doug Stiverson.  The assistant coaches are Jeff Holbert, Tyler Cassidy, Beau Stidham. They have lost about 6 games. They have won about 15 games, not including the tournaments.

Here are the Varsity players, There Numbers, Grade, Position and Height.(The Starters Are In Bold.)

Name No. Grade Position Height
Dylan Gabriel 1 12 Guard 6’0
Jake Thomas 3 12 Point Guard 6’0
Johnny Moore 4 11 Guard 5’11
Anthony Vagnier 5 11 Guard 6’2
Eli Pritchard 10 11 Forward 6’6
Blake Riffle 13 11 Forward 6’3
Nate Hulse 14 12 Guard 5’11
Nick Hart 20 12 Guard 6’0
Cody Heeter 22 11 Guard 5’11
Nathen Elswick 23 12 Forward 6’5
Seth Stonerock 24 12 Center 6’5
Jonathan Rutter 32 11 Forward 6’0